Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Old People Hate Rap

Lots of people have eclectic musical tastes, even us elderly people. However, in my wanderings upon the interwebs, I have noticed one kind of music is almost universally hated by all older folks: Rap. Quotes I often hear: "that's not music, that's noise." Or "that's not music, that's a bunch of criminals talking." Etc., etc.

Wanna know why I think old people hate rap? Because our generation did not invent it. Things might have been different if we had. Picture the Ed Sullivan theatre, 1964:

Ed: "And now, something really, really big. All the way from Liverpool, the new musical sensation: THE BEATLES!"

George in spotlight, on turntable: Scritch-scratcha-scritcha, scratch-scratcha-scritcha

Ringo in spotlight, Beatbox: BOOM shaka-laka, BOOM shaka-laka

John in spotlight: I said she loves you babe

Paul in spotlight: (I said the bitch she loves you yeh)

All four in spotlight and the crowd goes wild! BOOM shaka-laka, SCRITCH-scratcha-scritcha continues in accompaniment.

"She loves you babe
(bitch I said c'mon get down) 
She loves you good man
(I said the bitch is money, y'all)"

And so on. . .


I'm just saying.

Just like our parents with our music, we just didn't do it first so there must be something WRONG with it. Right?.


  1. Very good... I like it. Nice one Sue, I like Rap though but I'm just under 60

  2. Sue, I'm from that generation that "invented" rap. To me, it's noise. the only song of the time that i like is "You can't touch this' by MC Hammer, and stuff by the Fresh Prince. "Easy Rap" if you will. The hard core, bitch raping, drug doing, gang shooting stuff... I have no time for. I don't understand it. :)

  3. Yes, that would be "easy rap" Thanks CAMSMS